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The TU makes outstanding achievements in the NSBFC
UpdateTime:2017-08-25 00:00:00  Hits: 1550

 On August 24, 2017, the National Single-Bamboo Floating Contest of Duyun "National Sports Cup" of China formally ends. Three athletes of the University delegation make outstanding achievements. Liang Qiongying wins the fifth place in women's 60m straightaway racing of the provincial group. Yao Yanshan wins the seventh place in women's 60m straightaway racing of the provincial group. Long Daihe wins the seventh place in men's 200m straightaway racing of the provincial group.

A total of 89 athletes from 16 delegations all over the country participate in the National Single-Bamboo Floating Contest. As it is the first time for the University to participate in this contest with delegations, we are nearly a green hand. Coaches Li Ying and Wang Daocai make use of intensive summer training and lead 6 athletes to participate in the contest. Through a two-day contend, they win the first battle with their indomitable fighting spirit.






(School of Sports and Health Science Prepared by: Li Ying/Propaganda Department Edited by: Tan Yu/Reviewed by: Ye Dan)