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The 16th Asian International Symposium on Computer-Aided language Teaching was held in our school
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The 16th Asian International Symposium on Computer-Aided language Teaching was held in our school


On November 2, the 16th Asian International Conference on Computer-Assisted language Teaching, hosted by the Asian Association for Computer-Assisted language Teaching, opened in the Vatican net Humanities and Ecology Museum. More than 100 experts, scholars and leaders from home and abroad, together with representatives of teachers and students, discuss new ways of development, explore new modes of cooperation, and promote the transformation of computer-assisted foreign language teaching and research. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Qian, vice president of the International College of our University.

During the meeting, Wang Zhitao, vice president of, UTH International, gave a keynote presentation entitled "Innovative Teaching & Learning Models for Academic English Driven by Big Data & AI." Participants will focus on "New technology and foreign language education, infrastructure and environment for computer-assisted foreign language teaching, computer-assisted foreign language teaching and foreign language teacher education, computer-assisted foreign language teaching and online education," The courseware of computer-aided foreign language teaching is discussed extensively and deeply.