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Our university holds a commendation meeting to honor the international rescue students
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Our university holds a commendation meeting to honor the international rescue students


On November 7, our school held a commendation meeting in conference room 8222 of the administrative building, commending the outstanding foreign students, song qi and Chen Rui, who were outstanding students in rescue operation of the dam break accident of 7 23 Laos Azopo province Vice President Luo Hongfang, Minister of Learning and Industrial Affairs Zhang Qian, Vice Minister Liu Yukang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics and Management Tian Chunyan, teachers and student representatives attended the commendation meeting. The commendation meeting will be presided over by Zhang Qian.

At the meeting, Luo Hongfang presented the awards and prizes for the two overseas students. Huang  Chenzi, a teacher of the Ministry of Learning and Industry, read the commendation document.